Based in The Woodlands, TX, Finish Strong Coaching has coached hundreds of triathletes, duathletes and runners of all ages and abilities over the past 20 years. FSC offers focused, effective training programs to help you achieve your goals.

OUR MISSION is Helping Athletes Succeed

FSC founder and coach Dana Lyons has enjoyed success as a competitive endurance athlete for over 45 years — racing in duathlons, triathlons, and running races at the local, national and world championship level. His enthusiasm for the sport and his desire to share his knowledge to help others led him to become one of the first in the area to achieve USA Triathlon Level II Coaching Certification and become founder of Finish Strong Coaching in 2004. Dana takes great satisfaction in helping athletes train smart, achieve their goals and stay healthy.

Over the years and through experience working with hundreds of athletes, Finish Strong Coaching’s philosophy has always remained consistent. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your available training time with an emphasis on high-quality, effective training sessions. Setting goals, identifying strengths and limitations, structuring training plans and managing time effectively are essential to success. We combine research, technology and training techniques with proven race strategies to help you reach your goals.

“A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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Customized training built specifically for you

Whether you are striving to complete your first triathlon, race a new distance, earn a podium spot, qualify for Age Group Nationals or World Championship races, Coach Dana can help. He takes into account factors, such as: how many hours a week you have available to train, your family and work commitments, how long you’ve been training, previous injuries and race goals when developing a training schedule that allows you to obtain your goals.

Coach Dana knows that every athlete is unique and he builds a plan specifically for you. Every athlete encounters situations that affect their schedule and ability to train. Coach Dana will adjust your training plan to accommodate the changes in your life as they happen and make sure that you stay on target to reach your goals with our 1-on-1 coaching.


Platinum Plan

• $425 / Month for Multisport Plan
• $300 / Month for Run Plan only
• $200 Setup Fee
• Annual Pricing Discount – 1 Month Free
• Free Initial Consultation
• Review of Fitness and Future Goals
• Annual Training Plan with semi-annual meetings
• Run, Bike & Swim Assessment every 3 Months
• Unlimited Coach Communication via Email, Text & Phone initiated by athlete
• Coach Feedback on Key Workouts
• Unlimited Training Plan Adjustments
• Race Day Fueling Plan For All Races
• Custom bike fit Included
• Clinics and Seminars Included
• Seasonal Open Water Swims Included
• Free tech run shirt, visor or hat Included
• Long Sleeve Shirt Included
• Race Singlet Included
• Trigger point therapy grid roller Included
• FSC sponsor discounts
• 1 Year Minimum Commitment

Premium Plan

• $310/ Month for Multisport Plan
• $225 / Month for Run Plan only
• $200 Setup Fee
• Annual Pricing Discount – 1 Month Free
• Free Initial Consultation
• Review of Fitness and Future Goals
• Annual Training Plan with Annual Meetings
• Run, Bike & Swim Assessment Annually
• Coach Communication via Email, Text & 2 Calls/Month initiated by athlete
• Coach Feedback on Key Workouts
• 2X/Month Training Plan Adjustments
• Race Day Fueling Plan For All Races
• 50% Discount on Custom Bike Fit
• Clinics and Seminars Included
• Seasonal Open Water Swims Included
• Free Tech Run Shirt, Visor or Hat Included
• Long Sleeve Shirt Available
• Race Singlet Available
• Trigger Point Therapy Grid Roller Available
• FSC Sponsor Discounts
• 6 Months Minimum Commitment

Select Plan

• $240/MONTH for Multisport Plan
• $185/MONTH for Run Plan only
• $200 Setup Fee
• 5% Annual Pricing Discount
• Free Initial Consultation
• Review of Fitness and Future Goals
• Annual Training Plan with Annual Phone Call
• Run, Bike & Swim Assessment Available (additional fee)
• Coach Communication via Email, Text & 1 Call/Month initiated by athlete
• Coach Feedback on Key Workouts
• 1X/Quarter Training Plan Adjustments
• Race Day Fueling Plan For “A” Races Only
• 25% Discount on Custom Bike Fit
• Clinics and Seminars Included
• Seasonal Open Water Swims Included
• Free Tech Run Shirt, Visor or Hat Included
• Long Sleeve Shirt Available
• FSC Sponsor Discounts
• 6 Months Minimum Commitment


What Our Athletes Say

Don’t take our word for it.  Find out below what other athletes are saying about Finish Strong Coaching

“FSC has helped me reach goals that I thought were unattainable; as well as challenged me to go beyond my athletic capacity injury-free in a measured and balanced way. Thanks to Coach Dana I qualified and am going to Kona (Ironman World Championships) next year!” – Sharon M.

“Thanks to the customized one-on-one coaching from Coach Dana and my determination, I went from a 1:57 half marathon to 1:27 in just one year and I’m still improving.” — Amanda C.

“Coach Dana has given me the motivation to train when at times it would be easy to miss a session. Structured training has dramatically improved my fitness and performance.” – Ronnie M.

“Coach Dana understands what it takes to take on a big goal and achieve it. Once I discovered the joy of running and was committed to taking on long-distance races, I changed from a lifestyle of weekend drinking to a mind-set that required discipline and a following a challenging training regime. This new healthy focus has inspired me to complete many marathons and ultra-distance marathon races – including the formidable Pike’s Peak. I even got my girlfriend to support and join me at races.” – Julio M.

Having worked hard as a pediatrician with a growing practice, I’ve always been competitive.When my brother and I decided to tackle our first Ironman, we turned to Coach Dana for advice and training. It was game-on! With limited time to train, we learned to train smarter not longer with Coach Dana. We are so glad we didn’t try to do this on our own! I was a summer league swimmer and spent only one year on the varsity high school swim team.
I was not a collegiate athlete. It’s remarkable to me that I was able to complete not one – but two Ironman triathlons. I attribute much of this success to Coach Dana. I would recommend him to anyone – from the advanced super-star athlete to the weekend warrior! – Kristie C.

“FSC has helped me achieve my performance goals, all while loving the sport more and more. I have continued training with Coach Dana remotely after my family relocated from Texas to Angola to Malaysia and then back to Texas and now in England. His remote coaching took into account the obstacles I had to overcome to train consistently. The coaching has paid off as I now have enjoyed many podium finishes in my age group for sprint, Olympic, half Ironman and Ironman races. I even captured overall wins at several local races. Dana also coached me for a local marathon with the goal of qualifying for Boston. He then coached me for Boston!”– Jane A.

“I initially contacted Dana for help preparing for the Ironman World Championship in Kona in 2011 because of his expertise and experience with that race. We have maintained a relationship over the years and he has helped me with 17 Ironman distance finishes, countless ultra marathons including two 500k’s and a 3000+ mile crossing of the USA on foot in 2021.

When I decided to undertake CELTMAN – a long distance EXTREME triathlon in Scotland, I looked to Coach Dana for answers. The race is very demanding with a sea-loch swim, an arduous cycle and run in the rugged Torridon mountains. I knew I needed to work on my endurance, stamina, bike handling skills and off-road running. The race required that I have a mandatory support crew including one person fit enough to accompany me on the steep mountainous run. Dana agreed to run with me. It was great having a coach by my side finishing the race with me!” – Jerry P. “

Jerry P.
Coach Dana’s

Bike Fit for Triathletes

Finish Strong Coach Dana Lyons is F.I.S.T. certified to offer you expert Tri Specific bike fitting. If you bought a new tri bike or don’t feel 100% comfortable with your current triathlon riding position, Dana can help evaluate and adjust your position, including the cleat/pedal interface, to give you the individual fit you need. The cost is $300.00 

Why get a bike fit?

Comfort, speed, and injury prevention are three excellent reasons to get a bike fit. Our goal is to put you in the most aerodynamic and powerful position, while maintaining your comfort.

F.I.S.T. Results

The end result of a F.I.S.T. fit is a position easily recognizable. According to Dan Empfield, “Any triathlete who follows the sport knows what a good tri bike position looks like. You don’t need to be a pro to know how a pro rides.”

What is the F.I.S.T. Method?

If you are a triathlete, you need a bike fit that puts you in an optimized position for a tri bike. Since no tri specific bike fit system existed, developed the Fit Institue Slowtwitch (F.I.S.T.). This is the first and only tri bike fit system that place triathletes in an optimized position for riding a bike outfitted with aero bars. Developed by the founder of Quintana Roo, Dan Empfield, the system is a logical extension of the work done to create the first true tri geometry bike.

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Woodlands Center for Special Surgery

The world-class physicians at the Woodlands Center for Special Surgery offer the full scope of orthopaedic care to children, adolescents, and adults living in the area of The Woodlands, Texas, and the greater Houston area.

We understand the needs of high level athletes competing at all levels. However, we realize injuries happen and can not only be physically limiting but emotionally due to the uncertainty in getting a diagnosis. As a result, for all Finish Strong athletes we commit to providing same day or next day appointments with one of our board certified sports orthopedic surgeon, hand surgeon or foot and ankle specialist. Getting the answers quickly to your injury with the correct diagnosis and treatment is essential to getting back to healthy competition. Just mention Finish Strong Coaching when making an appointment.

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Bike Lane Houston

Bike Lane is a family owned bike shop offering, since 1995, a large selection of bicycles including road, triathlon, off-road, comfort, BMX, and kids bikes – and accessories including a variety of clothing, parts, and nutrition. Bike Lane also services many brands of bicycles – from minor repairs and tune-ups to building complete bikes from custom frames and parts. 15% FSC discount

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Memorial Hermann

Individual performance testing and improvement services: VO2 max, lactate profile, body composition analysis, running gait analysis, strength and conditioning session, sports nutrition consultation, resting metabolic rate measurement, calories per hour running or cycling.

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