10 for Texas

Congrats to Finish Strong Racing Team for their excellent showing at the 10 for Texas 10 mile and 5K held on Saturday, October 13, 2018 by The Woodlands Township.  This year had a new course starting and finishing at North Shore Park with portions of the race on the water way.  Finish Strong was represented well by 36 athletes.  The team won Male Grand Master and Master’s at the 5K race by Rudy Justice and Kevin Baker.  Kevin was also 2nd overall. The team also captured three 1st place Age Group wins in the 5K by Jhovanny Landeros, Julio Morales, and Deb Lyons and a 2nd AG by  Katerina Savelieva.

The main event – the 10 miler — was also a great event for the team.  Michael Menster came in 5th overall and male master’s.  Bill Glaser and Sharon Morin won their AGs.  Dana Lyons and Guillermo Locht took 2nd in their AGs.  And PRs were attained by Joe McClellan, Monica Lanman, and Lynn Bennick.

Special thanks to Christi O’Neal for treating us to wonderful stretches post-workout at our tent!

Congrats to all.  See results below.

10 for Texas – Team FSR Results
Kevin Baker 18:31 5K Male Masters 2nd overall
Jhovanny Landeros 20:05 5K 1st AG 8th overall
Rudy Justice 22:13 5K Male Grand Master
Julio Morales 23:45 5K 1st AG
Deb Lyons 25:17 5K 1st AG
Katerina Savelieva 26:30 5K 2nd AG
Dani Palazuelos 26:21 5K SelecTRI
Enrique Vezga 26:43 5K SelecTRI

Michael Menster 1:01:26 10M Male Masters 5th overall
William Glaser 1:06:23 10M 1st AG
Dana Lyons 1:09:30 10M 2nd AG
Luis Vezga 1:10:58 10M 1st AG
Guillermo Locht 1:10:07 10M 2nd AG
James Carlson 1:15:25 10M 6th AG
Clayton Hall 1:16:10 10M 9th AG
Victor Martinez 1:20:01 10M 11th AG
Kevin Burnett 1:20:48 10M 2nd AG
Barry Carroll 1:25:04 10M 11th AG
Sharon Morin 1:26:37 10M 1st AG
Bret Strong 1:30:53 10M 17th AG
Andreas Grossman 1:28:10 10M
Joe McClellan 1:28:42 10M 2 min PR
Phillip DePrang 1:29:58 10M 4th AG
Ken Page 1:30:41 10M 10th AG
Michelle Howard 1:32:12 10M
Scott Schweinsberg 1:32:33 10M 18th AG
Monica Lanman 1:32:48 10M 17th AG
Lynn Bennick 1:33:19 10M PR
Hernan Martinez 1:35:59 10M
Pamela Paling 1:37:59 10M 19th AG
Nathan Holt 1:38:01 10M
Pia Grossman 1:59:07 10M
Bob Bailey 1:59:26 10M
Christina Tomlinson 2:16:56 10M
Jessica Callan 2:22:18 10M