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Oilman 2018

On Sunday, November 4, 306 brave folks including 11 Finish Strong athletes and family members took on the Oilman half Ironman race in Montgomery conquering the frigid, rainy 1.2 mile swim in Lake Conroe; the difficult hilly 56 mile course through the park; and the final half marathon on La Torreta’s golf course and nearby property.


Here are the results:

Guillermo Locht – 5:03:05 – 1st in his 45-49 AG

Chris Allen 6:08:30

Joe McClellan  6:27:59

Andreas Grossmann 6:31:43

Gene Blount  6:33:01

James Rees 6:46:20  (and James did Waco 70.3 the week before!!)

Patrick McClellan 7:05:13

Don Allen 7:19:22 (Coach Lee’s dad)

Lee Allen guiding Richard Zambrano – 7:24:36  –

Pia Grossmann 7:39:01

and Joseph Cabriana’s relay team took 2nd

Finish Strong and SelecTRI volunteers did a fabulous job with body marking, working transition, wet suit stripping, and handing out medals at the finish line.  Congrats to our athletes and kudos to all who volunteered!

For more on results, go to:


Waco 70.3

Congrats to Dana Lyons and all our fabulous Finish Strong Racing athletes (and friends) for a great race at Waco 70.3 on Sunday. Great fun staying at the Gathering House in Crawford for pre-race festivities. Thanks to Keith Sacchieri for the yummy home-made pasta sauce. Awesome support from DePrang clan, Sandy Sacchieri, Lynn Meininger Bennick, Anna Lyons, Deb Lyons, Pillar Hurtado and lots more. (More pics to follow from Pillar). Here’s FSR (and friends) results:

Katherine Barron – 5:35:21 – her first half Ironman!
Chris Bergfield – 5:39:16 – his first half Ironman!
Kevin Burnett – 6:04:57
Bryan Davey – 5:06:48
Nancy Decker Lent – 6:40:09
Phillip DePrang – 5:53:43 – 2nd in AG!
Jordan DePrang – 5:22:12
Jeff Goodwin – 5:50:02
Karen Boler Goodwin – 6:01:41
Sara Hartley – 6:49:48
Michelle Howard – 5:44:15
Janet Sacchieri Luna – 6:55:10
Dana Lyons – 4:16:08 – 1st in AG!
John McGowan – 6:04:55
Hernan Martinez – 5:15:40
Cindy McManis – 6:07:04
Nikki Miller – 5:56:31
Sharon Morin – 5:47:52
James Rees – 5:40:04
Kenneth Page – 5:36:29
Pamela Paling/Frank Halter relay – 5:52:12
Yves Puisieux – 5:20:36
Irina Shikounova – 7:20:12
Debbie Staton – 5:11:58
Angela Strong – 5:52:48 – her first half Ironman!

Christina Tomlinson – 6:55:05 – her first half Ironman!
Ivonne Chang Vandanam – 5:58:26

Way to go!!


Oilman Half Ironman Distance Tri and Aquabike

Congrats to all our Finish Strong Racing team who competed at the Oilman Half Ironman Distance Triathlon on Sunday, November 5th in at La Torreta Resort in Montgomery.  We had a fine showing from our team athletes and several of the parents from our SelecTRI youth team also competed – Michael Diehl, Dana Sutter, Joseph Cabriana.

Winning the co-ed relay team (and the fastest of any relay team of the day) were Finish Strong’s Sarah Moore (swim), Dale Claudel (bike) and Ryan Miller (run).  Ryan did back-to-back races winning the Texas 10 Series race before sprinting up to Oilman to compete in the final leg of our winning relay team!  Still waiting final relay results from Oilman, but this threesome tore up the course!  Also competing in the all female relay from Finish Strong were KaSaBa – Kathleen Crea, Sara Vanderford and Barbara Santi.  Well done!  I will update once relay results are online.

Other podium finishers were Scott Peterson who won 2nd in his age group and 10th overall, Pam Meaux won 2nd in her AG,  and Andrew Nicholas who won his age group.  Both Davis T. and Sharon Morin captured 4th in their AGs.  Special kudos to first-timers who accomplished the half Ironman distance – Kevin Burnett, Gene Blount, Kim Smith and Nick Crafton.   Hugo Espinosa competed in the Aquabike event.

Huge thanks to all our wonderful FSC and SelecTRI team members who came out to volunteer. We had folks body marking, handing out chips, wet suit stripping, transition, and handling the finish line until the very last competitor crossed the line.  Fantastic support!


Here are the results:


And Aquabike: 


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Buffalo Spring Half Ironman

Congrats to Arthur Schubert who completed his first half Ironman distance race at Buffalo Springs on June 25 with a brilliant sub 6 hour time with a sub 2 hour run.  Coach John Tortorici adds, “Arthur did an amazing job. Very impressive for a hard course.”

Tri Ft Worth Half Ironman

Finish Strong Racing was represented well in the inaugural Tri Ft Worth Half Ironman. John McGowan, Gloria Shrewsbury, Ellen Hammond, Courtney Leone, Kim Bryant, Ken Page, Adnan Afzal, and honorary FSR member Shannon Vultaggio competed on May 21.  A difficult course that started with lightning strikes, rollers (which is still a fancy word for hills), and the blistering sun for the run.  John McGowan reports, “Not my fastest time, but thanks to those brick roads in the Stockyard district, I got to ride the final 4 miles with an aero bar that broke off. At least it was at the end.”  Congrats to all our athletes!

Overall race results:

Ken Page     7:29:38

Kim Bryant   7:15:24

Gloria Shrewsbury  7:08:04

Ellen Kurtz-Hammond   7:08:16 (3rd in her AG!)

Adnan Afzal          7:08:04

Courtney Shannon    7:55:50

Shannon Vultaggio     7:57:25

For more on the race results, go to:

Bassman Half Ironman Triathlon

Congratulations to Finish Strong Racing’s Alan Jones who raced Bassman Half Triathlon on May 20.  This was Alan’s first sub 5 hour half Ironman distance race with an overall time of 4:48:05.  Alan finished 2nd in his age group and 3rd overall!  His splits were shown as 35:06 swim; T1 3:57; bike 2:25:18; T2 8:15:33 (did this transition time include some of your bike time, Alan?); run 1:43:45.

For more results, go to:



70.3 Ironman Texas – Galveston

Congrats to all 20 Finish Strong athletes who conquered the 70.3 Ironman Texas race on Sunday, April 2 in Galveston.  Despite windy conditions, our athletes all persevered and finished the race, including first timers at the half Ironman distance: Cheryl Perry, Alexis Breeze, Yvonne Vandanam, and Hugo Espinosa!  Also, HUGE one hour PR for Byron Moore. Competing as a relay team were Ellen Kurtz-Hammond swim; Adnan Afzal bike; and Ken Page run.  (I couldn’t find relay team results.)

Here are the results:
Breeze, Alexis  USA 11th in AG 35:28 swim 03:24:19 bike 02:12:26 run 06:18:49 overall

Carlson, James CAN 63rd in AG 36:44 swim 02:33:45 bike 02:17:49 run 05:35:59 overall

Claudel, Dale   USA  22nd in AG  38:41 swim 02:29:32 bike (despite 4 mechanicals) 01:43:21 run 04:56:06 overall

De Aquino, Irasema  MEX  92nd in AG  54:15 swim 03:44:44 bike 03:08:26 run 07:58:53 overall

Espinosa, Hugo MEX 184th in AG   42:17 swim 03:09:32 bike 02:45:29run 06:55:19 overall

Jones, Alan USA 30th in AG   37:24 swim 02:29:50 bike 01:57:25 run 05:08:22 overall

Hannon, Daniel USA 140th in AG  46:47 swim 02:40:02 bike 02:18:20 run 05:52:47 overall

Howard, Michelle USA 25th in AG 44:01 swim 03:10:31 bike 02:10:54 run 06:10:14 overall

Moore, Byron USA 91st in AG 39:48 swim 02:33:28 bike 02:11:21 run 05:30:40 overall

Meaux, Pam USA 18th in AG 1:02:36 swim 03:53:25 bike 01:55:47 run 07:01:30 overall

Perry, Cheryl  USA 78th in AG  49:54 swim 04:00:10 bike 02:43:22 run 07:44:55 overall

Peterson, Scott USA 20th in AG 32:54 swim 02:33:51 bike 01:35:04 run 04:45:42 overall

Quinn, Amie CAN 61st in AG 38:22 swim 03:15:42 bike 02:36:15run 06:35:28 overall

Quinn, Kyle CAN 236th in AG 42:11swim 03:28:49 bike 02:37:52 run 06:54:34 overall

Robert, Seth USA 187th in AG 58:18 swim 02:58:32 bike 02:10:54 run 06:19:38 overall

Tortorici, John USA 56th in AG 36:31 swim 02:47:27 bike 01:48:54 run 05:16:39 overall

Vandanam, Ivonne USA 111th in AG 50:03 swim 03:57:50 bike 02:32:43 run 07:34:11 overall

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Oilman Triathlon

Finish Strong was well represented by 25 team members competing either as individuals or as a team for Oilman Triathlon (Half Ironman Distance Tri) held on Sunday, November 6 at Montgomery, Texas. We also had over 40 FSR and SelecTRI members volunteering in transition and the finish line for the race. Our men’s relay team of Tim Vibrock (swim), Dale Claudel (bike) and Ronnie Delzer (run) smoked the field and finished on top of the podium in 4:16:07. Coach Chantal Requier took 2nd overall female in the Aquabike race in 3:14:09. Our mixed relay team of Sarah Moore (swim), Chris Hirsekorn (bike) and Carl Holt (run) took 3rd.

FSR Individual Results:
Davis Teichgraeber – 5:42:08.8 – 5th in 35-39 AG (PR!)
Sara Portilla – 5:44:51.6 – 7th in 35-39 AG (PR!)
Sheri Bell – 6:40:53.5 in 35-39 AG (PR!)
Byron Moore – 6:52:05.8 in 35-39 AG
Eduardo Garzon – 5:26:08.5 – 12th 40-44 AG (PR!)
Mike Loudis – 5:39:47.8 – 45-49 AG
Jeff Goodwin – 5:51:01.2 – 45-59 AG
Jim Harrington – 5:15:50.3 – 4th in 50-54 AG
Brian Duncan – 6:05:25.6 – 50-54 AG (PR!)
Alberto Agostini – 6:23:08.7 -55-59 AG
Yves Puiseux – 6:44:42.4 – 55-59 AG
Chad Johnson – can’t find your results?
Brad Finger – 6:29:55.2 –  5th in Clydesdale (PR!)

SelecTRI mom, Andi McKinley – 6:28:16.4
SelecTRI dad, Michael Diehl – 5:54:39.0
SelecTRI dad, Rafael Iasinshi – can’t find your results

Relay teams:

1st in Men’s relay: Tim Vibrock swim; Dale Claudel bike; Ronnie Delzer run dubbed FSR Magic Men 4:16:07.3

3rd in Mixed relay: Sarah Moore swim; Chris Hirsekorn bike; Carl Holt run aka FSR Spandex Superstars 4:51:14.5
18th in Mixed relay: Ellen Kurtz-Hammond swim; Wayne Phillips bike; Gloria Shrewsbury run – Givinig it a Tri? 5:38:51.7
22nd in Mixed relay: Keith Sachierri swim; Debbie Staton bike; Sharon Morin run – Tri Hards 5:55:40.0

Our awesome SelecTRI and FSC parents volunteer at finish line!

8th in Women’s relay: Amie Quinn swim; Kim Smith bike: Christina Farquot run aka Chicks in Kicks – 6:13:08.0
16th in Women’s relay: Karen Goodwin run; Marta Valenquela bike; Leann (SelecTRI mom) swim – 7:19:40.1

Jim Harrington finishes race with chip removal help from FSC Nick Mattner.
Dale Claudel (L) had a fierce bike teamed with Tim Vibrock’s amazing swim (R) to win men’s relay. Chantal Requier (middle) enjoys 2nd place Aquabike finish.
Our awesome team served as volunteers to strip wet suits!
Our FSC and SelecTRI team volunteering at the transition area.


Team support at the FSC tent!
Ronnie Delzer chews up the course on the winning men’s relay team win!
3rd place mixed relay team – Sarah Moore; Chris HIrsekorn; Carl Holt!



Our awesome SelecTRI and FSC kids handing out medals at the finish line!

Austin 70.3

Congrats to Finish Strong’s Zach Miller, Dale Claudel, James Carlson and David Blackerby for conquering Austin 70.3 on Sunday, October 30.  Fog led to a cancelled swim and delayed race. The athletes had to start the bike in waves of 4 by bib number under very hot, hilly conditions.  Despite many DNFs, our team survived nicely:

Claudel, W Dale —02:32:15 bike 01:44:22 run 04:19:36 overall  – 10th in his 50-54 AG

Miller, Zachary–02:30:21 bike  01:33:12 run  04:05:03 overall – 9th in his 25-29 AG

Blackerby, David—02:59:32 bike 02:23:00 run  05:26:20 overall

Carlson, James—02:41:31bike 02:06:31run  04:51:35 overall



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