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Tri Ft Worth Half Ironman

Finish Strong Racing was represented well in the inaugural Tri Ft Worth Half Ironman. John McGowan, Gloria Shrewsbury, Ellen Hammond, Courtney Leone, Kim Bryant, Ken Page, Adnan Afzal, and honorary FSR member Shannon Vultaggio competed on May 21.  A difficult course that started with lightning strikes, rollers (which is still a fancy word for hills), and the blistering sun for the run.  John McGowan reports, “Not my fastest time, but thanks to those brick roads in the Stockyard district, I got to ride the final 4 miles with an aero bar that broke off. At least it was at the end.”  Congrats to all our athletes!

Overall race results:

Ken Page     7:29:38

Kim Bryant   7:15:24

Gloria Shrewsbury  7:08:04

Ellen Kurtz-Hammond   7:08:16 (3rd in her AG!)

Adnan Afzal          7:08:04

Courtney Shannon    7:55:50

Shannon Vultaggio     7:57:25

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Congrats to Finish Strong Coach and Racing Team Member – Zach Miller – who ran the TROT XC 8K in just 31:32.  This USATF race featured a Texas shaped .5 mile loop run 10 times for 8k. Zach finished 2nd overall, and kept his 1st place lead in the USATF Guld Grand Prix Series. Way to go!

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Finish Strong Racing team members were well represented with 57 competitors and 30+ volunteers at the 14th annual CBI TRI – The Woodlands Sprint Distance Triathlon held on Saturday, May 6, 2017. This year’s race served as the Texas State Triathlon Championship. Scott Peterson competed as an elite and came in 5th among the elites. Podium finishers from Finish Strong included: Zach Miller who won his 25-29 age group and came in 2nd overall among groupers. Dale Claudel finished 5th overall and 2nd in his competitive 45-49 AG. Mark Hanlon won his AG and Jim Harrington and Phillip DePrang took 3rd in their respective AGs. Byron Moore took 1st in the 30-39 Clydesdale Division. For the women, Sarah Moore won her AG and Chantal Requier took 2nd in her AG. Kristen Gohlke and Drew Nichols each took 4th in their age groups. See below for race results. Congrats to all!

Aberastury Peter 1:20
Afzal Adnan 1:23
Allan Paul 1:15
Barbosa Marty 1:22
Belforti Gabe 1:18
Bell Sheri 1:18
Bliazis Debi 1:32
Carlson James 1:10
Carroll Ileana 1:26 7th in 50-54 AG
Clark Casey 1:22
Claudel Dale 1:01 2nd in 45-49 AG 5th overall!
Claudel Lisa 1:40
Clouthier Stephen 1:11
Crafton Nicholas 1:29
DePrang Phillip 1:17 3rd in 65-69 AG
Espinosa Hugo 1:21
Everett Michael 1:13
Finger Bradley 1:20
Garzon Eduardo 1:08
Gohlke Kristen 1:17 4th in 30-34 AG
Goodwin Karen 1:24 6th in 50-54 AG
Grossmann Pia 1:27
Hanlon Mark 1:05 1st in 55-59 AG
Harrington Jim 1:04 3rd in 50-54 AG
Hartley Sara 1:39
Irving Gordon 1:18
Johnson Chad 1:16
Jones Alan 1:03 6th in 45-49 AG
Luna Janet 1:48
Martinez Hernan 1:26
McGowan John 1:18
Meaux Pam 1:22 7th in 55-59 AG
Miller Zach :58 1st in 25-29 AG 2nd overall!
Moore Byron 1:13 1st in Clydesdale 30-39
Moore Sarah 1:04 1st in 35-39 AG
Morin Sharon 1:21 6th in 55-59 AG
Nichols Drew 1:08 4th in 15-19 AG
Page Kenneth 1:20
Paling Pamela 1:22 5th in 50-54 AG
Perry Cheryl 1:26 8th in 50-54 AG
Peterson Scott 1:01 5th in elite; 8th overall
Portilla Sara 1:15 8th in 35-39 AG
Quinn Amie 1:17
Ratcliff Marcus 1:18
Requier Chantal 1:09 2nd in 45-49 AG
Richardson Pam 1:55
Robert Seth 1:19
Sacchieri Keith 1:29
Scott Brent 1:09
Shikounova Irina 1:32
Shrewsbury Gloria 1:19
Smith Kim 1:23
Staton Deborah 1:17 8th in 45-49 AG
Stephan Allison 1:20
Tortorici John 1:09
Tozark Joseph 1:23

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Muddy Trails Bash – 5k/10K

Lots of Finish Strong and SelecTRI athletes and their families took part in the 10th annual TWFG Muddy Trails Bash.  Theh event featured 5K and 10K trail runs, one-mile kids’ fun run, and 2K-9 run for dog owners and took place Saturday afternoon, April 1, 2017 at Rob Fleming Park. The courses wound through the beautiful George Mitchell Nature Preserve, located on 1,800 acres adjacent to Rob Fleming Park in the Village of Creekside Park. The festive post-race party included live zydeco music and the Muddy Bowl Crawfish Cook-Off.

10K Results

2 Chase Cieslar The Woodlands TX 1215 13 13 45:42.1 7:22/K (male 14 <)
3 Zachary Miller The Woodlands TX 1187 26 20 48:36.1 7:50/K (male 20-29)
14 Nicholas Crafton Spring TX 1038 37 84 59:14.8 9:33/K (male 30-39)
1 William Glaser The Woodlands TX 1000 48 4 43:08.3 6:57/K (male 40-49)
3 Mario Menendez The Woodlands TX 1219 41 9 44:25.3 7:10/K (male 40-49)
25 Juan Autrique Spring TX 1236 42 99 1:02:08.4 10:01/K (male 40-49)
3 Andreas Grossmann Spring TX 1149 50 29 51:01.0 8:14/K (male 50-59)
4 Bret Strong The Woodlands TX 1047 53 34 51:37.9 8:20/K (male 50-59)
7 Barry Carroll The Woodlands TX 1036 55 42 54:10.7 8:44/K (male 50-59)
12 Robert Bailey The Woodlands TX 1184 57 94 1:01:38.0 9:56/K (male 59-59)
13 Alberto Agostini The Woodlands TX 1206 58 95 1:01:39.0 9:57/K (male 50-59)
1 Phillip Deprang Magnolia TX 1204 65 63 56:42.8 9:09/K (male 60-69)

1 Natalie Autrique Spring TX 1237 16 138 1:08:17.9 11:01/K (15-19)
5 Ileana Carroll The Woodlands TX 1037 54 111 1:03:32.7 10:15/K (female 50-59)
7 Pia Grossmann Spring TX 1150 50 147 1:10:34.1 11:23/K (female 50-59)
8 Sara Vanderford Magnolia TX 1051 55 180 1:17:37.5 12:31/K (female 50-59)
9 Kathleen Crea The Woodlands TX 1185 57 181 1:17:38.0 12:31/K (female 50-59)
1 Carmen Kelleher The Woodlands TX 1227 60 146 1:10:10.4 11:19/K (female 60-69)

5K Results
5 Lucas Menendez The Woodlands TX 2402 10 13 23:33.5 7:36/M (male 14<)
6 Asa Wolfe The Woodlands TX 2268 12 15 23:38.9 7:37/M (male 14<)
21 Juan Divo The Woodlands TX 2256 11 78 28:57.9 9:20/M (male 14<)
22 Eduardo Villarreal G The Woodlands TX 2241 12 104 30:44.0 9:55/M (male 14<)
32 Carlo Autrique Spring TX 2425 9 199 35:09.9 11:20/M (male 14<)
8 Shawn Harris Spring TX 2347 48 79 29:11.5 9:25/M (male 30-39)
1 Roy Fisher The Woodlands TX 2170 57 49 26:08.9 8:26/M (male 50-59)

2 Pamela Chow 2312 185 34:37.7 11:10/M (female 14 <)
7 Carolina Alvarez The Woodlands TX 2244 13 44 25:44.3 8:18/M (female 14 <)
12 Maria Hubard The Woodlands TX 2414 10 93 30:17.2 9:46/M (female 14 <)
7 Misty Harris Spring TX 2346 35 80 29:11.6 9:25/M (female 30-39)
4 Jj Medina-Lewis The Woodlands TX 2273 46 119 31:31.9 10:10/M (female 40-49)

For more on results, go to:

The Woodlands Marathon/Half Marathon/5K


Finish Strong was well represented by 107 athletes at The Woodlands Marathon/Half Marathon on Saturday, March 4.  Twenty-eight Finish Strong athletes completed the marathon.  FSC Coach Ronnie Delzer finished 5th overall and 1st in his AG in the marathon in a PR time of 2:39.  Rebecca Tortorici was the first FSC female to finish the marathon.  She was accompanied by husband John and Sarah Moore ran marathon relay along side Rebecca to help her reach her destination with a PR finish. Another athlete, Senthil Kumar, had a huge 33 minute marathon PR! Taking on marathon distance for the first time were the much photographed Lynn Bennick, Julia Belforti, Andrea Johnson and Nick Crafton.  Special shout out to Bob Bailey and Sara Vanderford for leading Andrea to the finish line.

78 FSC athletes completed the half marathon.  Elite runner Ryan Miller took 2nd overall in 1:08:47.  Also on the podium for the half marathon were Dale Claudel (2nd in AG); Mark Fanelli (2nd in AG); Pam Meaux (1st in AG) and Deb Lyons (3rd in AG).  There were some phenomenal PRs with James Carlson and Jessica Callan besting their personal best by over 12 minutes; Erik Van Den Berg finishing over 8 minutes faster; Eduardo Garzon continuing his reign as PR King by establishing a new PR with each race. Other PRs were established by Laura Machala, Arran Keith, Michelle Correal, Dulce Del Angel, Ken Page, Sheri Bell, Adnan Afzal, and Cheryl Perry.  Preston and Christie Chandler ran in memory of Christie’s mom who passed away this summer.

In the 5K, Finish Strong’s Jennie Hatler finished 2nd female overall in 19:58.  And completing her first 5K ever was Swapna Vipin.

Many of our SelecTRI families took part in the Family 2K Run Run on Friday, including the Belforti family; Quinn family; and Decker family. Thanks to the Quinn’s for passing out fliers for our youth programs at the 2K and to Nikki, Steve and Asa Wolfe who manned our SelecTRI tent at the Marathon Finish Line Post-Race Party.

Kudos to Dutch Thomson of MP3 Therapy and Training who helped with our post-race aches and pains with his myofascial stretching.

Here are results for FSR for the marathon:

Ronnie Delzer 2:39:03 1 in AG; 5th overall
Zach Miller 2:55:40 5th in AG
Steven Hollander 3:12:33 6th in AG
Rebecca Tortorici 3:24:34 5th in AG; PR
Jim Harrington 3:25:15 7th in AG
Wilson Mcintosh 3:25:50 2nd in AG
Brent Scott 3:30:35
Yves Puisieux 3:43:26
Victor Martinez 3:47:38
Jason Van Overborg 3:52:00
Stephen Soileau 4:02:05
Christina Farooq 4:05:03 13th marathon!
Katerina Savelieva 4:06:38 PR
Senthil Govindarajulu 4:18:22 PR by over 33 min!
Pedro Aberastury 4:21:43
Jones Ramsey 4:22:04
Sandra Erb 4:26:43
Nicholas Crafton 4:29:40
Grace Hirshorn 4:33:14
Lynn Bennick 4:34:35 PR; 1st marathon
Courtney Rogers 4:35:15
Julia Belforti 4:57:30 PR; 1st marathon
Francisco Padilla 5:02:42
Marta Valenzuela 5:06:46
Dominique Liu 5:15:26
Kimberly Pilcher 5:48:11
Sara Vanderford 5:49:00
Robert Bailey 5:49:00
Andrea Johnson 5:49:00 1st marathon
Rolando Sierra 5:54:44
Total Females 347
Total Males 585
Total Finishers 932

Here are results for The Woodlands Half Marathon:

Race Name 2017 The Woodlands Half Marathon
Ryan Miller 1:08:47 2nd overall
Dale Claudel 1:24:57 2nd in AG
Kevin Baker 1:25:45 4th in AG
Mark Fanelli 1:26:50 2nd in AG
William Glaser 1:27:26 4th in AG
Eduardo Garzon 1:29:18 PR
Carl Holt 1:29:47 8th in AG
Arran Keith 1:36:54 PR
James Carlson 1:38:41 PR by 12 min
Pam Meaux 1:38:47 1st in AG
Erik Van Den Berg 1:40:43 PR by 8 min
Eric Rozelle 1:43:02
Michelle Correal 1:44:11 PR
Dulce Del Angel 1:44:37 PR
Silas Sarver 1:44:54
Razvan Dumitru 1:48:29
Seth Robert 1:48:37
Rich Newton 1:48:40
Bret Strong 1:48:58
Sharon Morin 1:49:07 7th in AG
Kenneth Page 1:49:33 PR
Deb Lyons 1:51:05 3rd in AG
Sheri Bell 1:54:22 PR
Adnan Afzal 1:55:51 PR
Justin Rice 1:56:45
Laura Machala 1:56:54 PR
Tammy Grado 1:56:54
Michelle Howard 1:57:31
Leela Duncan 1:58:08
Pamela Paling 1:58:09
Michael Le 2:00:12
Karen Goodwin 2:02:37
Marisol Gonzalez 2:02:39
Octavio Miller Islas 2:03:10
Sara Portilla 2:03:24
Adriana Puerto 2:05:04
Ileana Carroll 2:05:18
Jeff Goodwin 2:05:38
John Mcgowan 2:05:43
Kimberly Bryant 2:05:43
Erin Grigsby 2:05:45
Jessica Callan 2:06:38 PR by 12 min
Ryan Myers 2:08:05
Cheryl Perry 2:08:24 PR
Chad Stine 2:08:40
Ellen Kurtz-Hammond 2:08:48
Elaine Mims 2:09:17
Dailene Gardner 2:09:52
Debi Bliazis 2:11:02
Shirley Santangelo 2:11:37
Kristen Palmer 2:11:49
Telma Gonzalez 2:14:53
Anh Lam 2:16:34
Rex Campbell 2:18:52
Amanda Marcum 2:20:27
Tiffany Lathram 2:20:42
Travis Lathram 2:20:43
Lindsey Klingensmith 2:23:00
Nia Kigathi 2:23:29
Elizabeth Burge 2:23:34
Scott Schwandt 2:23:48
Martha Lopez 2:24:07
Michael Pickens 2:26:25
Jennifer Allen 2:26:43
Meredith Mathews 2:28:09
Kristie Chandler 2:28:21
David Blakeley 2:30:15
Michael Brown 2:30:33
Jj Medina-Lewis 2:32:54
Irina Shikounova 2:34:38
David Dorsey 2:35:04
Raymond White 2:47:20
Valentina Staudt 2:50:10 1st in AG
Yanet Benitez 2:56:24
Sri Basra 2:56:30
Jinae Spear 3:02:12
Asli Wade 3:05:56
Iliana Garza 3:24:49
Denyell Carey 3:34:01
Total Males 1543
Total Females 1894
Total Finishers 3437

And for the 5K:

Jennifer Hatler 0:19:58 2nd overall female
Rudy Justice 0:21:18 1st in AG
Roy Fisher 0:23:01 1st in AG
Swapna Vipin 0:52:18 First 5K!

For more results, go to:

More photos posted on our Finish Strong Coaching Facebook page.  Congrats to all!


Rocky Raccoon 50K

Way to go Andreas Grossman for conquering the Rocky Raccoon 50K in 5:36:06, 31st overall out of 168 and 1st in his 50-50 division on such a hot and humid day on Feb 5th!

Place Div Place Gen Place Bib First Name Last Name Gender Age Event Division Splits Complete Time Status


31 1 24 351 Andreas Grossmann M 50 50K 50-59 2 05:36:06 Complete

Texas 10 Series 2017 – Boerne 10 Mile Race

Congrats to Finish Strong’s elite runner, Ryan Miller, for starting the 2017 run racing season with a victory in 51:15 at Texas 10 Boerne! Also representing Finish Strong well were Mike Menster, Kevin Baker, Katerina Savielova, and Mark Fanelli.

Ryan reports, “Hit fairly consistent splits throughout, negative splitting the 2x5mile course with 25:46-25:29. This race holds a special place in my heart, as it winds through all the old running routes my high school teammates and I would romp through back in the day. This was also my first race as a member of the Finish Strong Coaching elite team with Dana Lyons! The last 3 weeks of training under him have been fantastic and I’m really looking forward to this buildup to the 2017 US Half Marathon Championships in Columbus, Ohio on April 29th. Shoutout to the many people and sponsors who make the dream chasing possible, especially the RAD (running and dreaming) folks at RRabbit!”