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Stonebridge Ranch Tri Olympic

Congrats to Finish Strong’s Lee Allen and Jack Alexander who competed at Stonebridge Ranch Tri on Sunday, September 25.  Jack won master’s with an overall time of 1:07:55 in the sprint distance tri.  Lee raced the Olympic distance and took 4th in his 40-44 AG in a time of 2:28:11.  Well done!

stonebridge-ranch-tri-la-bike stonebridge-ranch-tri-la-run

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Towne Lake Tri

Finish Strong Racing was represented by 34 athletes who looked great in new team uniforms and performed even better at the Towne Lake Olympic, Relay, and Sprint races held on Monday, September 5.  Podium finishers in the Olympic distance race were Sarah Moore (1st in 35-39 AG); Jack Herdejurgen (1st in 15-19 AG); Scott Peterson (2nd in 35-39 AG) and Phillip Deprang (2nd in 65-69 AG).  The FSR Olympic relay team of John Tortorici, Sara Portilla, and Eduardo Garzon finished on top of the podium for the mixed relay.  In the sprint distance race, Jack Alexander was the Grand Master’s Champion; our youth SelecTRI triathlete Chase Cieslar took 1st in under 14 AG; and Gloria Shrewsbury took 3rd in her 45-49 AG.


Here are the FSR results for Olympic race:

Sarah Moore (1st 35-39)  2:25:59

Gabriela Coates (5th 35-39) 2:52:19

Sheri Bell (15th 35-39) 3:12:15

Kimberly Pilcher (8th 50-54) 3:08:08

Jack Herdejurgen (1st 15-19)  2:17:51

Scott Peterson (2nd 35-39) 2:11:45

Brad Finger (21st 35-39) 2:38:33

James “Danny” Ratliff (26th 35-39) 2:44:58

Brent Scott (9th 40-45) 2:29:33

John McGowan (25th 40-45) 2:51:44

Alan Jones (7th 45-49)  2:24:49

Javier Perez Alferez (SelecTRI dad – 11th 45-49) 2:31:44

James “Carl” Holt (12th 45-49) 2:32:17

Jeff Goodwin (16th 45-49) 2:35:53

Aldo Conde (14th 50-54) 3:00:47

Alisdair Hutchinson (19th 50-54) 3:07:42

Bob Taylor (26th 50-54) 3:20:09

Yves Puisieux (12th 55-59) 2:58:35

Phillip Deprang (2nd 65-69) 2:48:05


Olympic Mixed Relay

Team FSR:  1st!

John Tortorici – 26:41 swim

Sara Portilla – 1:03:47 bike

Eduardo Garzon – 43:41 run

In the sprint race,

Christy Gonzales (5th 40-44) 1:21:28

Gloria Shrewsbury (3rd 45-49) 1:16:50

Karen Goodwin (9th 45-49) 1:22:11

Kim Smith (12th 45-49) 1:24:01

Lisa Claudel (24th 45-49) 1:44:56

Cheryl Perry (8th 50-54) 1:25:05


Jack Alexander GRANDMASTER 1:00:17

Chase Cieslar (SelecTRI 1st under 14) 1:16:06

Seth Robert (17th 35-39) 1:18:24

Gordon Irving (28th 45-49) 1;26:48

Jed Beck (16th 50-54) 1:21:35

Chris Normyle (20th 55-59) 1:47:32


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Texas Star Tri

Congrats to 11 Finish Strong Racing athletes who competed at the Texas Star Tri sprint distance triathlon on Sunday, July 10 in Montgomery.  6 podium finishes!

Pia and CarlGabyKaren and Jeff

Mario Menendez (SelecTRI Dad!) – 54:26.7 (2nd in 40-44 AG and 3rd overall!)
Jack Alexander (Coach) – 55:36.1 (1st in 60-64 AG and 4th overall!)
Carl Holt – 58:30.9 (1st in 45-49 AG and 9th overall!)
Casey Clark – 1:01:55.9 (5th in 45-49 AG and 17th overall)
Jeff Goodwin 1:03:44.6 (7th in 45-49 AG and 24th overall)
John McGowan 1:04:49.1 (6th in 40-44 AG and 26th overall)
Gaby Coates 1:04:55.7 (1st in 35-39 AG and 27th overall)
Andreas Grossman 1:07:44.1 (8th in 45-49 AG and 42nd overall)
Karen Goodwin 1:14:50 – (2nd place in AG 45-49 (First place was 1:14:41.5! So close!))
Pia Grossman 1:18:40.4 (2nd in 50-54 AG)
Leiann Kiem (SelecTRI Mom) -1:21:33.6 (5th in 45-49)

For more results, go to: Star Tri Overall.htm

Sylvan Beach Triathlon and Duathlon

p class=”font_8″>Finish Strong Racing and SelecTRI was represented well by 10 folks (6 with podium finishes) at the Sylvan Beach Triathlon and Duathlon held in La Porte, Texas on Sunday, June 12 .  The triathlon was a sprint distance race with a 500 meter swim, 15 mile bike and 3 mile run. The duathlon consisted of a 2 mile run, 15 mile bike, and 3 mile run.

Sara, Carl, Sarah, John<

In the sprint triathlon, our SelecTRI Junior Team athlete Freya McKinley came in 2nd in the 14 and under division in the sprint triathlon in an overall time of 1:32:58. Our Finish Strong Racing athlete Sarah Moore won her 35-39 AG division for the sprint tri with an overall time of 1:15:19. Our SelecTRI swim coach Gemma Hollis, won her 40-44 AG and finished 21st overall in 1:12:16 in the sprint tri. And SelecTRI mom Andi McKinley also did well in the 40-44 AG finishing in 1:32:17. And “Kona Carl” Holt took 8th in his 45-49 AG in the triathlon finishing in 1:20:29.

In the duathlon, Sara Portilla finished 2nd in her AG and 21st overall in 1:25:21. Karen Goodwin also had a podium finish claiming 3rd in her 45-49 AG finishing in 1:44:19. Chris Ybanez finished 7th in his 35-39 AG finishing in 1:40:49. John Tortorici took 5th in his 40-44 AG and 15th overall in the sprint du with a time of 1:22:23. And Julio Morales took 7th in 40-44 AG in the du in 1:33:46.

In the PC duathlon division, Richard Zambrano (legally blind) came in 3rd with an overall time of 2:03:54.  Congrats to all!

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Silverlake Sprint Tri

Joseph Tokarz at Silverlake Tri
Joseph Tokarz finished his inaugural triathlon at the Silverlake Sprint Triathlon on Sunday in 1:11:08.3.

Congrats to Finish Strong Coaching athletes who competed at the Silverlake Sprint Triathlon (400 meter open water swim, 9 mile bike, 3 mile run) held on Sunday, May 29 in Pearland. First time triathlete Joseph Tokarz finished in 1:11:08.3 – placing 8th in his AG.  Kenton Erickson also a newbie to the sport competed and finished in 1:11:37. Veteran Finish Strong Coach Jack Alexander won his AG and came in 6th overall in 54:57. Also racing from our SelecTRI Youth team was Chase Cieslar who won his 14 and under AG and finished 9th overall in 56:01.  Congrats to all!

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Tejas Tri


Ten Finish Strong triathletes were among the 800 who competed at the Tejas Tri on Sunday, May 22nd.  This sprint distance race featured a 600 yard swim, 12 mile flat and fast bike, and a shaded 3 mile run.  Age group wins were claimed by McKenzie Gunter, Shannon Crowe, and Jack Alexander.  Alan Jones just missed the podium placing 4th in his competitive AG.  Cheryl Perry enjoyed an 11 minute PR.  Fine races were achieved by Danny Hannon, Wouter Barendrecht, Kimberly Smith (her first tri), Yves Puisieux (1 week after IM TX!) and Irina Shikounova.

Here are the results:

McKenzie Gunter – 1st in under 14 AG from our awesome SelecTRI Junior Team – overall time – 1:15:55

Danny Hannon – 6th ih his 30-34 AG – overall time 1:10:21

Wouter Barendrecht – 6th in his 40-44 AG – 1:04:23

Alan Jones – 4th in his 45-49 AG – 1:04:08

Shannon Crowe – 1st in her 45-49 AG – 1:07:26

Kimberly Smith – 6th in her 45-49 AG – 1:24:50 (1st tri!)

Irina Shikounova – 7th in her 45-49 AG – 1:28:10

Cheryl Perry – 8th in her 50-54 AG – 1:29:58 – 11 minute PR!

Yves Puisieux – 14th in his 55-59 AG – 1:18:57  (1 week after Ironman Texas!)

Jack Alexander – 1st in his 60-64 AG and 11th overall  – 1:02:33


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No Label Triathlon

Finish Strong Coaching’s Jack Alexander and Pam Meaux enjoyed winning their age groups at No Label Triathlon held on Sat., April 2, 2016 in Katy, TX.

Jack Alexander 53:51.5 – 10th overall; 1st in his Male 60-64 AG

Jack Alexander

Jack’s splits: 4:23.1 for 300m swim; 26:26.1 for bike (25mph); 19:36.8 for run (6:32/mi pace).

Pam Meaux 1:13:48.5 – 1st female 55-59 AG

Pam Meaux

10:10.3 for 300m swim; 36:45.1 for bike (18mph); and 21:00.4 (7:00/mi pace)

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