The Woodlands Marathon and Half Marathon

Congrats to all 39 of our Finish Strong athletes who competed in The Woodlands Marathon/Half Marathon/5K on a beautiful March 3rd morning in The Woodlands. 31 of our athletes ran the half marathon; 3 completed the marathon; 3 ran 18 miles of the marathon as a training run; and 1 ran the 5K. We had several PRs, Boston Qualifier, and three folks on the podium. Way to go!

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Here are our results:

Name Race Time
Eduardo Garzon TW Full 3:14:11
John McGowan TW Full 5:03:23
Michelle Howard TW Full 4:06:52 BQ!
Andreas GrossmanTW Half 1:50
Barry Carroll TW Half 1:46 PR!
Bill Glaser TW Half 1:24:38 2nd in AG
Bret Strong TW Half 1:46
Craig Kornriech TW Half 1:45:19
Dana Kornreich TW Half 2:17:25
Dulce Del Angel TW Half 1:45
Irina ShikounovaTW Half 2:36:35
James Carlson TW Half 1:38:15
Jen Anthony TW Half 1:37
Joseph Tokarz TW Half 1:50:17 PR!
Katerina SavelievaTW Half 2:01:21
Ken Page TW Half 1:54
Kevin Baker TW Half 1:31:30
Kevin Barnett TW Half 1:53
Kyle Quinn TW Half 1:53
Mark Hanlon TW Half 1:34:02 3rd in AG
Mike Menster TW Half 1:23:20 1ST in AG
Nathan Holt TW Half 2:15
Pam Meaux TW Half 1:54
Pam Paling TW Half 2:07
Phillip DePrang TW Half 1:54 4th in AG
Pia Grossman TW Half 2:42:34
Richard ZambranoTW Half 2:26 legally blind
Rob Banzaf TW Half 1:35 PR!
Scott SchweinbergTW Half 2:26
Senthil Govindarajulu TW Half 2:07:58
Sharon Morin TW Half 1:54
Steve Phillips TW Half 2:10
Steve Rech TW Half 1:57:11
Victor Martinez TW Half 1:39:46 PR!
Yves Puisseux TW Half 1:40 PR!
Bob Bailey TW 18 mi 3:30
Kathleen Crea TW 18 mi 3:30
Sara Vanderford TW 18 mi 3:30
Nithya ShanmugamTW 5K 30:37:00

Above are unofficial results. For official results, go to: